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Corporate Site

U.S. Toy Company Increases Transactions and Revenue by Cross-linking Site Search Results through SLI Systems


…search results across its three branded websites. In recent months, referrals from the company’s consumer website (www.cptoy.com) site search pages to its B2B website (www.constructiveplaythings.com) accounted for 13 percent of total revenue for the company’s…

SLI Systems Hits Tenth Award Worldwide in 2014 for Technology Excellence, E-commerce Customer Results and Leadership


…the actions of visitors to deliver the most relevant results possible. Whether via PC, tablet or phone, a site powered by SLI delivers the kind of satisfying search experience that increases conversion rates, secures brand loyalty and results in higher order…

Artbeads.com Looks to SLI Systems’ Full-Service Site Search to Add Social Media and User-Generated Content to Search Results


…such as videos, blog posts and social media posts into site search results, giving customers a richer view of Artbeads.com’s offerings and a feeling of community among jewelry craft enthusiasts, which has resulted in greater site engagement and more sales.…


No results page


…excellent write up about winning strategies for no results pages by Greg Nudelman. Greg includes plenty of examples of what does and doesn’t work.  I recommend reading it. Here is a list of some of the things that we do around the no results page.…

Related Searches with Search Results


Aaron Wall spotted Google showing Related Searches below search results. This is his image. I really like these – we’ve been generating them for almost a decade. They made their first appearance on the original snap.com (which later became NBCi.com) using our…

eCommerce Podcasts

Chad Coleman from U.S. Toy


…discusses some of the challenges U.S. Toy faces with having three online stores. He explains how they recently started cross-linking their search results so visitors can see products available on their other sites. Tune in to find out more! Length 21 mins 40 secs…

Lee Brown from Online Golf - Podcast Transcript


…have video on them. [15:38] As the results come up, if there's a video link, then a small icon comes that says "View Video Show Reel." They can click that directly from the search results, and the video will actually appear overlaid over top of the search

Ian MacDonald from Century Novelty - Podcast Transcript


…also use some of those SLI reports to work on when we see a customer is having a hard time finding an item. So the search results aren't showing the item, or the search results are showing the item, but the customer isn't clicking through it. So we look at…



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