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Test Suggestion 2

Corporate Site

SLI Systems Privacy Policy


…Please also use the Glossary to understand the meaning of some of the terms used in this privacy policy. 1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND WHO WE ARE 2. THE DATA WE COLLECT ABOUT YOU 3. HOW IS YOUR PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED 4. HOW WE USE YOUR PERSONAL DATA 5. DISCLOSURES…

SLI Systems and LED Hut Unite to Accelerate Cross Border Trading and Boost Business Growth


…said Keith Scott, Marketing Director, Led Hut. “We plan to use the reporting data from the SLI search system to continue user-experience A/B testing to maximise the conversion and stickiness of our various international sites. With SLI in place we see a 100% higher…

eCommerce Podcasts

Tim Ash from Site Tuners - Podcast Transcript


…at it is everything is non intuitive. If you've tested something in the past in another context, test it again in this context because the audience is different, the traffic sources, or the fact that two years have gone by since you did your last test.

Dave Baird from Magnet Street - Podcast Transcript


…huge project, and we're actually getting ready to roll that out in about two weeks. Our team is getting very excited. We're in the final stages of testing right now, so that's certainly very exciting. Shaun: [16:56] What's going to be new about it? Dave: [17:00] I…

Aaron Magness from Zappos - Podcast Transcript


…that idea? Aaron: [11:48] You know, it was before I came in, but, you know, I think the idea to definitely go after it, because it had never been tested, obviously, and it's a risk anytime you're going to spend money on something like that. But I'm pretty sure that…

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