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Buyer Engine

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Corporate Site

SLI Buyer Engine™


…Learning Meet the SLI Buyer Engine™ The SLI Buyer Engine™ is a cloud-based, artificial intelligence platform that powers all SLI apps. The Buyer Engine is constantly answering the question: What is this shopper most likely to buy…

Recommendation Engine – How to Recommend Products


…Merchandising WEBINAR: How to Maximize Your Online Merchandising VIDEO: How to Improve the Performance of Your E-commerce Recommendations VIDEO: How to Use Recommendations for Your E-commerce Site BLOG: SLI Buyer Engine – The Heart of a Powerful E-commerce…

eCommerce Personalization | Dynamic Shopping Engine – SLI Systems


…Personalization™ engine instantly and dynamically personalizes the e-commerce shopping experience for both your first-time visitors and loyal customers in real time. (We call it ESP for a reason.) book a demo Predict More Sales Powered by the patented SLI Buyer<…


SLI Buyer Engine – The Heart of a Powerful E-commerce Suite


I have a confession. For more than a decade, SLI has been far too modest about our e-commerce innovations. Perhaps our engineering team has garnered so many patents that they haven’t stopped to reflect. It hit me when we learned of the latest SLI patent related to our auto…

eCommerce Podcasts

Chad Coleman from U.S. Toy - Podcast Transcript


… [6:59] And so is that your typical buyer, your moms buying on the, I presume, U. S. Toy and the CP Toy sites? That's your typical buyer, I imagine, on the Constructive Playthings which is aimed at schools, you've got a slightly different type of buyer,<…

Lee Brown from Online Golf - Podcast Transcript


…day are new visitors. [10:55] The main marketing channels are still search engines. We've done search engines for a long time, and we don't see that changing any time soon. So, The majority of our focus is on search engines, both paid and SEO. I would…

Josh Hansen from Hansen Surf - Podcast Transcript


…and more visibility through the search engines and whatnot, we've just seen our sales increase almost every day. Shaun: [9:44] That's great. Tell me, how do people find you? Josh: [9:46] We do a lot of different things. We spend time with search engine


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