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Suttons Seeds


…where 50% of its revenue comes from online sales, this makes a big difference. Analysis of real time reports enables the company to capitalise on market trends; for example, a weekly report highlighting various site search statistics can help identify new or…

SLI Systems Reports Strong FY 2014 Revenue Growth; Demand Remains Robust


SLI Systems Reports Strong FY 2014 Revenue Growth; Demand Remains Robust Annualized recurring revenue (ARR1) rises 29.4%, unaudited operating revenue in line, losses and cash favorable to forecast. Christchurch, New Zealand – July 28, 2014 – SLI Systems (NZX: SLI)

Q2 2017 E-commerce Performance Indicators & Confidence Report


Get The Q2 2017 EPIC Report What’s driving retailer’s confidence? And how are businesses responding? You get valuable insight as online retailers reveal: How much online revenue is expected to grow Why businesses sell on Amazon… and whether they trust the online…


Technology Makes Back-to-School Shopping Elementary


…are already touting back-to-school clothes and supplies. This year, the role of e-commerce in back-to-school shopping is bigger than ever. According to a June report by eMarketer, online back-to-school purchases in 2014 will increase 16% over 2013 – a growth rate…

New and Improved Analytics and Reporting


The SLI Reporting Console provides merchandisers with more than 100 metrics, pre-built reports, and an easy-to-use drag and drop interface to create custom reports.

eCommerce Podcasts

Mark Dirks from Beacon Technologies - Podcast Transcript


…program that Google Analytics comes with our search engine marketing. Shaun: OK. Mark: Now, if they require a lot of different reports or canned reports or special reports, then we'll focus on configuring Google Analytics at a deeper level. Shaun: Now…

Hadley Reynolds from IDC - Podcast Transcript


…competing trends that they're seeing happening across other sites and seeing being reported in the media. With a lot of them there's a strong tie‑in to search as well. Hadley:  [33:42] Yes. I'm actually working on a report on mobile search as we speak, and…

Laura Santos from Envelopes.com - Podcast Transcript


…and sharing that with my team. With my team, on a daily basis, every morning we have a daily huddle. We go over metrics, whatever areas we're reporting on, victories that happened the previous day prior to this day, as well as including anything interesting or…


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