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Corporate Site



…would have liked. It also helps that SLI is serving these pages, so it removes some of the load from our servers.” See More You Need a Champion Site Champion enhances e-commerce retailers’ long tail SEO efforts by automating landing page content…

Mobile Commerce Sites Engage Customers and Build Revenue with SLI Mobile


…short timeframe. SLI Mobile features advanced search and navigation capabilities backed by powerful product page creation services from SLI’s team of expert engineers, delivering fast page load times and relevant information that potential buyers seek…

SLI Systems Updates Learning Navigation, Offering Improved SEO and Shopping Experience for E-Commerce Sites


…duplicate content will not get indexed, enabling the pages to rank higher in search engine results. Speed and Redundancy – Learning Navigation pages now load faster with enterprise-level reliability and scalability via a redundant, cloud-based architecture. …


The need for speed


…improve the service that we offer our customers. One part of that is ensuring that the search and navigation pages load quickly. The graph below shows how the average time (to serve the complete search page) for one of our customers has improved over…

5 (More) Ways to Enhance Your Site for a Better Tablet Experience


…optimized tablet experience. They tackled many issues to optimize page load times, such as using “lightweight, beautiful images,” replacing graphics with CSS where appropriate, and optimizing the site for faster loading times. They also suggest using…

Is your site search speedy enough?


In light of all the transformations we’re seeing on the web, one aspect must be kept top of mind: speed. Consumers’ expectations for pages to load quickly – whether on traditional or mobile sites – are increasing all the time. If your site performs too slowly, you…

eCommerce Podcasts

Linda Bustos from Elastic Path - Podcast Transcript


…don't know what that is or where to find it, so show it in your checkout. Having a slow loading speed can really impact people's abandonment rate, so check that. Not just in your home page, but also in every page of your checkout. Put those point of…

Ben Harness from Interflora UK - Podcast Transcript


…are quite promiscuous. It's very much about convenience and price. [5:32] So we do a lot on search engines, we have to be there. We monitor our page search very closely. We put a lot of focus into SEO. And then Webdirect, it's a direct traffic source, is also…

Larry Kavanagh from DMinSITE - Podcast Transcript


…one page checkout, where instead of having people go through several different steps where they fill in their shipping information on one page and their billing information on another page, and their credit card information on another page, and…


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