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Webinar: How to Compete with Amazon


Webinar: How to Compete with Amazon 47 million people are members of Amazon Prime, and their 2015 holiday shopping activities tell us a lot about what is working works (and what isn’t) in online retail. Amazon unwrapped new features, functions and…

E-commerce Performance Indicators & Confidence (EPIC) Report Finds 65% of Retailers Sell on Amazon to Increase Sales, Yet Worry Amazon Will Use Their Data to Compete


…found retailers view Amazon as both friend and foe, relying on Amazon for visibility and profitability, while also showing concern that Amazon could use their sales data to compete with them.” “This quarter SLI took a different look at the…

Webinar: How to Win Loyal Customers on Your B2B Ecommerce Site


Webinar: How to Win Loyal Customers on Your B2B Ecommerce Site Amazon Business is here – Are you ready? Amazon Business wants to be the one-stop shop for all of your customers’ needs. Is your site ready to compete? (Hint: If the answer is no, you could miss out on…


Amazon & You: How to Win


…sponsored the Internet Retailer webinar Amazon & You: Top New Competitive Strategies for 2016. eShopportunity founder Fahim Naim and Medelita CMO Dan Stephchew took a look at what is emerging as the best ways for online retailers to compete with Amazon.

Couldn’t find Harry Potter on Amazon


I had a surprising experience this week. I failed to find one of the most popular books in the world in the world’s biggest bookstore. It all started when my son picked up the first Harry Potter book and started reading it. He got into it and loved it. In the way of…

eCommerce Podcasts

Alan Lim from Purely Gadgets - Podcast Transcript


…or a completely different industry? Alan: [24:30] [laughs] Amazon. Amazon, I remember four years ago when I first started working with Amazon on Amazon Marketplace in the U.K. that was one of the first marketplace customer. I remember Amazon…

Matt Konkle from FifthGear - Podcast Transcript


…but I've always been a heavy reader, a heavy Kindle user for Amazon, so my guess is somewhat early on, it was purchasing music either for iTunes or purchasing a book for Amazon, but it's been a while. Shaun:  [00:37] Yep. And the Amazon book purchase…

Chris Reighley from Totes/ISOTONER - Podcast Transcript


…Chris:  [1:24] Amazon. Shaun:  [1:25] It was from Amazon as well. [laughs] Chris:  [1:27] It was from Amazon, yes. Shaun:  [1:28] Yeah, they're the giants of ecommerce. How was the buying experience? Chris:  [1:34] Well, I shop online for almost…


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