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Corporate Site

Industry Overview


…work with e-commerce leaders across all industries to solve the unique problems they face in creating truly extraordinary shopping experiences. Our team works as an extension of yours, always looking for new ways to improve and innovate. The result? Increased…



…Restaurantware CEO Jamil Bouchareb. Irrelevant and incomplete search results confused shoppers and created extra work for the company’s customer service team. Restaurantware asked SLI to improve its search function and draw more visitors to its site. The addition…

Office Locations


…Nevertheless, we stand out as a promoter of work-life balance. Team USA thrives in an energetic work environment, enjoying foosball, Ping-Pong and the YikeBike during down-time. The majority of our marketing, customer success and sales teams are based here.…


SLI Buyer Engine – The Heart of a Powerful E-commerce Suite


I have a confession. For more than a decade, SLI has been far too modest about our e-commerce innovations. Perhaps our engineering team has garnered so many patents that they haven’t stopped to reflect. It hit me when we learned of the latest SLI patent related to our auto…

Strategies for Comprehensive E-commerce Merchandising


…setting your products apart from the competition is vital to creating brand awareness and loyalty. Using a platform that your e-commerce merchandising team can leverage to spread product awareness will ultimately increase your sales and bottom line. E-commerce…

Second Annual Super Bowl E-commerce Study Uncovers Fan Loyalty for 2015


With Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, many are asking which team is most popular. The Seahawks and Patriots are not only competing for the championship, but also for most die-hard fans. Do Seahawks fans really put Patriots fans to shame? Did ‘DeflateGate’ have any impact on fan…

eCommerce Podcasts

Justus Wilde from Amblique - Transcript


…but also from an operational point of view. [4:20] So we built up sort of the strategy arm of the business and we've built the business now to a team of 50. Shaun:  [4:26] Great. Justus:  [4:28] Yeah, I mean these days, we pretty much focus on delivering three key…

Chris Reighley from Totes/ISOTONER - Podcast Transcript


…is searching for mini umbrella but we call it a micro umbrella. So all of a sudden, hmm, there's a gap in the thinking of our design team and our marketing team and the way that the customer is looking for a product. [10:59] That insight is pretty rich and…

Braden Hoeppner from Coastal Contacts - Podcast Transcript


…get back into something that was pure ecommerce‑driven, and so came over here. Been here for about two and a half years, as part of the marketing team, just really focused on driving sales, driving value for our customers through our pure ecommerce business. [4:05]…


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