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SLI Systems Launches IPO; Forecasts Strong Growth


…These documents can be viewed at: http://www.sli-systems.com/about/investors The Offer Price has been set at NZ$1.50 per share following a book build to institutional investors and NZX Firms. This final price gives SLI Systems an implied market…

Investor Relations


…Overview for more information. SLI Systems listed on the NZ Stock Exchange (NZX) on May 31, 2013 under the stock symbol of SLI. For current share price information visit the NZX. Reports Annual Report to 30 June 2018 Interim Report to 31 December 2017 Annual Report…

Effective Site Search Design Boosts Profitability


…retailer Boden, which offers a comprehensive set of filtering options, including Category, Sub-category, Top-rated by Age, Top-rated by Size, Price Range, Color and more. Boden’s results page also lists search suggestions at the top, offering visitors alternate…


Different prices in different countries: Adidas All Black jersey mess up


Different prices in different countries: Adidas All Black jersey mess up The rugby world cup is coming to New Zealand next month and the biggest news story recently has been about the price of the All Black jersey. The jersey retails for NZ$220 in New Zealand (about…

CSM of the Month – John Michael Santora on Vacation Rental Pros


When you are looking for a vacation rental, there are certain specifications that you need or want. Location, the number of rooms, price and amenities are all ways that people describe what they want. My goal when I worked with VacationRentalPros.com was to take their…

Refinement Display: Narrow Down Broad Categories in an Easily Digestible Way


…an important part of navigation, as they help narrow a broad category so visitors get to items they’re looking for more quickly – and also help them get to particular items to suit their needs such as size, brand, style, or price faster. There is no shortage of…

eCommerce Podcasts

Ben Kirshner from Coffee For Less - Podcast Transcript


…with elastic. It was just a really easy experience to find what I was looking for. [2:03] I think there was one size fits all. The prices were amazing; the prices were really, really low. I live in New York City, so we don't have Wal-Marts and Targets at our…

Ben Harness from Interflora UK - Podcast Transcript


…on range in price which is fantastic, but I think more and more you're going to have to find ways to drive growth other than price. [14:17] Now to be honest those guys did do it in their industry. It seems like prime delivery and their fulfillment is…

Richard Sexton of Carolina Rustica - Podcast Transcript


…challenge to everybody, and there's continual downward pressure on margins because of that price competition. Shaun: [7:10] I suppose you've got an advantage there because you traditionally don't compete on price. Richard: [7:14] Yeah. And that's the nice…



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