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Support When our customers are happy, we’re happy. If you have a question or need a problem resolved, just reach out and we’ll be in touch shortly. .triangle.triangle_right_left:before { border-bottom-color: #f6c65b; } SLI’s Customer Success — Above & Beyond __…

Email Support


Email Support Contact us USA (408) 777-6010 Japan 03-5715-8052 UK +44 (0) 203 217 0321 Australia 1800 139 190 New Zealand 03 5208 029 #mktoForm_2172.mktoForm, #mktoForm_2172.mktoForm .mktoField, #mktoForm_2172.mktoForm .mktoFieldWrap, #mktoForm_2172.mktoForm .mktoFormCol, …

Online Shopping Behavior Data Shows Super Bowl XLVIII Teams Neck-and-Neck in Fan Support Across the U.S.


Online Shopping Behavior Data Shows Super Bowl XLVIII Teams Neck-and-Neck in Fan Support Across the U.S. E-commerce Site Search Activity Provided by SLI Systems Reveals That Coastal States Are Rooting for Seahawks While the Central U.S. Pulls for the Broncos; Peyton…


How to Adapt Your SEO Strategy to Better Support E-Commerce


Adapting your SEO strategy to support your e-commerce site can be a daunting process. This is particularly true for companies that are just beginning to venture into e-commerce. Consistently achieving high rankings on search engines is vitally important to the success of…

Seamless Search Drives High Growth for Superette


…store. Almost 15 years on and the brand has cemented itself as one of Australasia’s leading online style destinations. On the road to success, Superette sought out the technology, expertise and support of SLI Systems to establish an outstanding online customer…

Hook “Spearfisher” Shoppers for E-commerce Success


…Why? Because these shoppers tell you what they want to buy which gives you a fantastic opportunity. According to the recent Forrester Research report “Must-Have eCommerce Features,” it’s critical that retailers support “spearfishers” – or shoppers who already have…

eCommerce Podcasts

Sascha Deri from Alternative Energy Store


…Systems talks to Sascha Deri from Alternative Energy Store (www.altestore.com). Shaun and Sascha discuss the value for ecommerce businesses in supporting the entire lifecycle of customer needs - from education to installation - thereby building long-lasting…

Jeffrey Zwelling from Y Lighting - Podcast Transcript


…browsers, in particular, as it relates to third-party search. As customers move through the site and switch domains, as they often do, in order to support third-party features such as search, that session data gets disjoined and it produces a perspective where…

Luke Hilton from Dick Smith Australia - Podcast Transcript


…well, in the retail network, obviously things like user-generated technical support. [00:19:25] One tool we have discovered recently that I really love is getsatisfaction.com. It is a fantastic user-generated technical support talk as well as obviously it is…


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