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Adore Beauty


Adore Beauty Creating a Gorgeous Customer Experience for Online Shoppers The search for the perfect foundation, the best anti-aging serum or the hottest shade of lipstick used to force beauty junkies across Australia to go from makeup counter to makeup counter where they would…



Eason The Past Meets the Future Eason & Son has been an Irish tradition since 1886. The bookstore boasts more than 60 retail shops throughout Ireland with its flagship store located in Dublin. In 1998, the company opened its online store as a way for customers to purchase…

Global Survey Shows Most Online Retailers Miss Opportunities to Use Site Search for Improving the ROI of Marketing Campaigns


Global Survey Shows Most Online Retailers Miss Opportunities to Use Site Search for Improving the ROI of Marketing Campaigns New SLI Systems’ Survey Shows Despite Site Search Being One of the Top Three Priorities for 2014, Lack of Resources and Know-How Hinder the Improvement of…


Drive more traffic to your site through Open Search


Most web browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, now feature an integrated search box. Typically these search boxes are pointed to Google or another popular search engine to make it easy to search the web. You can add options to use other search engines from this search…

Focus poll


I promise this will be the last time I write about this fairly trivial feature about putting the focus on the search box…. In our February newsletter we ran a poll asking: “Do you think the cursor focus for a website should be on the search box?”. We’ll…

Top Costumes for Halloween 2014: Spine-Chilling or Just Chilly?


When you open up your front door for trick-or-treaters this Halloween, you are more likely to be visited by Queen Elsa, and other ‘Frozen’ characters like Princess Ana and the lovable Olaf, than bloodcurdling zombies. This prediction is based on a large sampling of e-commerce…

eCommerce Podcasts

Jeff Douglas of Nebraska Furniture Mart - Podcast Transcript


Back to EcommercePodcast.com Shaun Ryan: Hi, I’m Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems and welcome to the first ever Ecommerce Podcast. Today I’m talking to Jeff Douglas from Nebraska Furniture Mart. Jeff, can you start off by telling me what is the first thing you ever bought online?…

Larry Kavanagh from DMinSITE - Podcast Transcript


Back to EcommercePodcast.com Shaun Ryan: [0:02] Hi, I'm Shaun Ryan from SLR Systems and this is the e-commerce podcast. Today, I'm talking to Larry Kavanagh, CEO and founder of DMinSITE. Hi, Larry. Larry Kavanagh: [0:09] Good morning. Shaun: [0:10] Good morning. Now, Larry,…

Laura Santos from Envelopes.com - Podcast Transcript


Back to EcommercePodcast.com Shaun Ryan:  [0:12] Hi. I'm Shaun Ryan from SLI Systems and this is the eCommerce podcast. Today, I'm talking to Laura Santos, Marketing Manager from Envelopes.com. Welcome, Laura. Laura Santos:  [0:21] Thank you, Shaun. Thanks for having me. Shaun:  …


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