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E-commerce Customer Experience Draft


…as: Presenting shoppers with personalized product recommendationsAllowing rich autocomplete search functionsCustomizing product pages with hover grid viewsDirecting a clear mobile path to purchase Increase your conversion instantly by implementing the scorecard…



…as: Presenting shoppers with personalized product recommendations Allowing rich autocomplete search functions Customizing product pages with hover grid views Directing a clear mobile path to purchase Increase your conversion instantly by implementing the scorecard…

Thompson & Morgan’s Online Shopping Experience Flourishes with Full-Service Site Search from SLI Systems


…team.” SLI’s search allows Thompson & Morgan online shoppers to choose how to view and refine search results. Shoppers can see results in grid view or list view, and can apply refinements for flower color, plant hardiness, and price. “Full-service site search…


Grid View, List View or Hybrid View?


For retailers selling online, the question of “Grid View or List View?” for results pages is a common struggle. As Linda Bustos points out on her “Get Elastic” blog, “When presented with a list of search results, people often click the first result – paying attention to…

More on Hybrid View – Driving and Converting Traffic


In my last post on list, grid and hybrid views, I discussed the pros and cons of list and grid views and offered a new alternative – the hybrid view for search and navigation pages, which takes the best of both and combines it into one. Today we’ll take the…

eCommerce Podcasts

Alan Trzuskoski from Abe's of Maine - Podcast Transcript


…the ‑ I'm forgetting your analytics product's name right now. But we just implemented that recently. We've got a test going to see whether the grid view or the list view is a more effective conversion method. Shaun:  [13:20] OK. So you're doing the mulitvariant…


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