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Corporate Site

Artbeads.com Looks to SLI Systems’ Full-Service Site Search to Add Social Media and User-Generated Content to Search Results


content and SLI’s Learning Search site search, Artbeads.com is now seeing double the revenue-per-visit for site search users over visitors who don’t use the search box. In addition, conversions from search are also on the rise:…

ReNew Life Looks to Next-Generation Site Search to Strengthen its Content Marketing Efforts


…keyword search by problem or symptom rather than product name. Our previous search solution wouldn’t allow us to provide relevant results for those types of terms, and since we also have a lot of educational content on our site we wanted to bring…

Content Sites


Content Sites Consume More. Search Less. With smartphones in hand 24/7, we are creating, and consuming, more content than ever before. Forcing your readers to navigate the clutter will send them packing. We understand your pain. That’s why SLI Systems…


Get More Mileage from your Facebook Content with Site Search


Retailers are collecting an amazing amount of priceless content from their customers comments on social networking sites like Facebook.  Unfortunately, much of this great content only reaches a limited audience because of how social media works.  For the most part,…

Kidrobot Makes More MUNNY with Social Content in its Search


Kidrobot is one of those brands that people love to Like – it’s common for a single Kidrobot post to receive more than 1,000 Likes on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. As the retailer’s popularity has expanded for its mustache-sporting Labbits, paint-it-yourself MUNNYs and…

Bring Social Media Content into Site Search Results to Increase Visibility


If you’re like most online businesses, by now you’ve probably taken the plunge into social media marketing. Maybe you have a company blog, or you’ve created a Facebook page and/or a Twitter feed to help build community – or perhaps you’ve created a YouTube channel for your…

eCommerce Podcasts

Justus Wilde from Amblique


…Systems, interviews Justus Wilde, Online Strategy Director of Amblique, a digital agency providing ecommerce solutions, content management systems, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. Justus discusses the difficulties retailers…

Mark Dirks from Beacon Technologies - Podcast Transcript


…important thing is content. And I think, if you talk to any search engine marketing guru, they're going to say, "It's your content." You want Google and Yahoo, from an organic standpoint, from natural rankings or organic rankings, you need to have…

Bill Cronin of Vermont Teddy Bear - Podcast Transcript


…by the SLI search. We do send that information off to our search marketing partners. Shaun : [06:18] Yeah. Oh, that's great. I think the terms that people use on site search are obviously very related to the terms people use when they're searching<…



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