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SLI Systems Site Visitor Cookie Policy


…SLI5 SLI5_XXXXXXXX SLIBeacon SLIBeacon_XXXXXXXX SLISYNC These save an online identifier which allows us to group visitors’ activity together for analytics purposes. This allows us to see how visitors interact with product discovery (search, navigation, etc.) and…

Einstein vs SLI


…Einstein is a free search plugin to try out. If you are looking for an enterprise level site search solution, check out SLI. Advanced reporting and analytics toolsShoppers reach what they want in just a few clicksDrive additional website traffic with Site Champion0…

SLI’s Solutions Overview


…empowering retailers to optimize customer conversion rates, order value, and lifetime customer value. SLI Systems is committed to providing analytics, metrics, and merchandising tools that deliver insights and actionable information to empower online retailers to…


New and Improved Analytics and Reporting


The SLI Reporting Console provides merchandisers with more than 100 metrics, pre-built reports, and an easy-to-use drag and drop interface to create custom reports.

New Merchandising and Analytics Capabilities


This morning, we announced several enhancements to our SLI Product Discovery SuiteTM – all designed to help retailers drive greater online success.

Exact Target’s Route 1 to 1 seminar visits Atlanta and New York this week


…Target’s Route 1 to 1 seminar series titled “The New eMarketing Essentials”. This 13 city seminar tour will help put email, analytics, CRM and search solutions to work in ways that will help your marketing investments perform better. This week we…

eCommerce Podcasts

Steve Groenier from Artbeads - Podcast Transcript


…using interactions, I guess they use, but we track the clicks on the links. Every one of our links is tagged for our site catalyst reporting or analytics so that we can see where the traffic's coming from. [13:40] When we do a post and it gets 20,000, 30,000, 40…

Luke Hilton from Dick Smith Australia - Podcast Transcript


…spiel, detailed feature text for example. That's all tabbed with set on click events for attracting AdWords. [00:09:01] And for Google and Google analytics that track exactly how many people a day came from an SEM campaign, landed on a product page then clicked on…

Alan Trzuskoski from Abe's of Maine - Podcast Transcript


…big ones. There are definitely a number of other technologies. Google Analytics for AB testing and general tracking. I know SLI is the big one, but in addition that, we're looking at some of the ‑ I'm forgetting your analytics product's name right now. But…


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